Summer Harvest - July 8

The long awaited summer sunshine has finally arrived - and with it our best harvest yet at the SPEC Cambie Garden

A perfect day for our garlic harvest - some really good sized bulbs - the largest measured 3 inches across!! the three white hardnecks didn't fare quite as well- we will keep the best for planting in October. In the space vacated by the garlic we are trying a late crop of peas and some carrots we hope to over winter (if we can get them to germinate in this hot weather)
Raspberries and chard are still providing a bountiful harvest and we checked out a few of the potato onions - these had their tops damaged so hopefully those remaining will be even larger
Beans at two weeks from planting are looking good - although the slugs have nibbled a few and the garden in early July is looking lush and lovely

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