The Good, The Bad and The Colourful - July 15

As summer moves along the weather of late has, for the most part, been warm and sunny - and watering has now become an important chore for a successful harvest .... and speaking of harvest - have a look at what was waiting for us when we dug the volunteer potatoes ...... and to add to the colourful harvest - "Bright Lights" chard - one of our more successful crops -

That was the good, now for the bad, these two had made themselves comfortable inside one of the potatoes - I thought they were wood bug holes until I saw the slugs curled up inside!!
More colour - this time nasturtiums
And a new bamboo fence - thank you Itzia!!
We covered our carrot seed (planted last week) with wet burlap, with fingers crossed for germination in this heat, and thought we would try some Tom Thumb peas; the purple climbing beans planted last week show good germination and the tomatoes are topping their support poles ... The garden is looking good

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